Traditional finnish food & culture

The restaurant, opened in 1934, server its customers Finnish food and atmosphere. The spirit of the restaurant is created, with a little help from the personnel, by its particular clientele.

In the 1990’s, magazine publisher and editor Tyler Brûlé wrote about the restaurant’s onion steak, the Beef Steak à la Sea Horse, in his internationally published magazine. The restaurant gained worldwide renown, and its own star dish had been born. Restaurant Sea Horse has served Finnish delicates, such as crispy fried Baltic herrings, vorschmack, herring plates and Wiener schnitzels, for as long as 80 years. It’s safe to say that Sea Horse is a part of Finnish restaurant history, perhaps already somewhat of an institution.

Over the years many stories have been told about the origin of the legendary sea horse mural covering the back wall of the restaurant. It took decades before the truth about the sea horses was finally revealed. One of the legends was very close to the truth: the sea horses were painted by two young art students. Today the sea horses are known around the world from the pages of different magazines and guidebooks. They have even been depicted in theatre sets abroad, and are the restaurant’s unique trade mark.

The restaurant’s liberality and functionality as well as it’s capability to offer enjoyment to customers from all different walks of life - generations, social layers, nationalities and areas of interest - have been noted around the world. Articles have been written, in different languages, from right to left and top to bottom. This can also be seen in the restaurant’s clientele. Delighted squeals heard in the dining room over a large bowl of salmon soup are more of a custom than a curiosity. It has been said that the restaurant holds a small town under its roof.

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